Antano Easy Live Communication at Scale
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Easy Live Communication at Scale

The Antoano - Server combines TCP, UDP, Websocket and REST connectivitiy to all Antano - Clients. It is ultra reliable and performant as it selects the best way for connection for each use-case. Further more it is easily scaleable and prepared to run in a cluster.
The Antano Server is a communication framework that was build on python lowlevel and async NetworkProtocols. Our primary goal is to enable you to concentrate on developing the client - you don't have to worry about the server site.

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Next Level Multiplayer

Create your own Multiplayer or Network-based Application

With Antano® you can create immersive and ultra fast Multiplayer games. With a bunch of examples you can easily adapt and create your own perfomant client. As Antano Server is optimized for realtime communication you are able to develop your game client with a few lines of code.
With Antano Server and it's clients it is very easy for you to develop your own perfomant and scaleable client.

private void Start()
    //sendMessage (AutoLogin)
    Message aMessage = new Message(Message.MessageType.MESSAGE)
        value = "Hallo"

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Video Audio and TextChat

Just integrate every type of Chat into your application

With client and snippets it is easy to integrate our chat api to a lot of platforms out there. Wether you want to create a Textchat on your website ore integrate a chat into an Application in iOS or Android. With Antano it is simple to integrate. Things like status of the message and groups already included in our framework.

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Multiplatform support

LowLevel NetworkAPI's allows you to create clients for every platform

Use Antano Server and Client system nearly on all platforms.
Runs on the following platforms:

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